Registration Help

For Attendees to the Conference:
  • Bring a laptop with wireless internet access so that you can access sites and materials during the weekend.
  • Bring your Discovery Streaming user name and password and Netrekker user name and password, if you have one. You can bring our generic teacher account info for Nettrekker as well.
  • We will be viewing a lot of great Web 2.0 sites and resources. There are so many available. I have listed a few of the popular ones below.
  • If you don't already have accounts with these services, you may wish to sign up in advance of the conference:

Planning Team:
Ideas for Extending Conference Ideas

Tech Setup: Steve Pagano, Erik Germanovich
Video/Ustream and Podcasting: Erik Germanovich, Joe Konecki
Photos, Flickr/Voicethread: Elementary Tech Committee Members, Pat Rosini, Jen Rosini, Maureen Collelouri
Chat Chatzy or chatterly
Logistics: Tom Smith, Jason Budd
Registration: Kathy Ganster, Eileen Wilson
Registration: Regina DiGiulio, Pat Rosini, Jen Rosini
Projectors: Need 7(Nancy 2, Peggy, Sr. Margaret, Mary R 1, need 2 more, Tom Shaw, Erik Germanovich 1)
Screens: Need 6 (Main, Sandpipers A, B, 257, 258, 259, Ailiner for smartboard workshop)
Microphone: Golden Inn, Pat Rosini, need a few more
Power Strips: Need 7 - Erik 1, Steve 5, Golden Inn 2, Nancy, 1, Cindy Pierson, 2, Joe 3, Need More
Speakers: Need 7, Nancy 1, Melissa 2, (Erik 1 set), Joe 2
Camera: Pat Rosini, Nancy (Still), Erik (still)
Video Cams/Cameras: Erik 3, Nancy 1