Jennifer Dorman - Sunday Keynote

Session Description and Materials

Keynote: Power Up Your Professional Learning Network

Wouldn't it be just awesome if all teachers had a "Magic Eight Ball" that we could turn to every time we had a question about instructional practice, technology or learning theory? It would provide resources, anecdotal experiences, practical application, and much more. Through the connective and collaborative power of online technologies we have access to a vast and vibrant network of educators that are infinitely more qualified than a Magic Eight Ball to provide ongoing, timely support and encouragement. Learn to Power Up your professional learning network by tapping into the vast resources of the Discovery Educator Network and customizing your extended network with interactive Web 2.0 applications.

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Session 1 - Saturday

Bring the Learning Power of the Web to You: Harnessing RSS

This session will overview the revolutionary learning power of RSS technologies and the online applications educators can use to capture and organize information. This session will also explore some Google applications that are powered by RSS.

Presentation Materials:
RSS in Education
Google Tools for School
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Session 2 - Saturday

Differentiating Instructional Delivery With netTrekker and Thinkfinity

Learn how to tap into the extensive educational resources offered by netTrekker and Thinkfinity in this hands-on session. netTrekker is America's #1 educational search engine. All search results are reviewed by educators and are aligned to PA state standards. makes it easy for educators to enhance their classroom instruction with lesson plans, interactive activities, and other online resources. also provides authoritative educational and literacy resources for students, parents and after school programs.

Presentation Materials:
Thinkfinity Resources
netTrekker Resources

Session 3 - Saturday

Fostering Collaboration and Communication Through Class Wikis

Wiki is the Hawaiian word for "quick" and quick is an appropriate term to describe how you can create an engaging and rich Internet site using Wikispaces. In this workshop, you will learn how to navigate Wikispaces and to create your own class wikis. You will gain an understanding for the educational application of wikis as well as how students and teachers are already making use of this exciting and easy online application. Note: This session is for beginners who are creating their first wiki.

Presentation Materials:
Wiki Workshop Wiki