Matt Monjan Discovery Education
Session Descriptions and Materials

50 Ways to Use Discovery Education streaming

Whether you teach in one of the states where every school has Discovery Education streaming or if your school has a license of its own, there are instructional strategies that will surprise you! Finding and playing video segments are just one of many ways you can use the media library. Did you know you have an Interactive Atlas, dynamic Calendar, thousand of quiz question and tens of thousands of images, speeches, and sound effects? Come and learn how to integrate the DES tools in new and exciting ways that are perfect for reaching the 21st century student.

Here, There, and Everywhere – From Your Chair: Technology for Administrators

You buy technology and resources. But does your school use them effectively? What about monitoring and mentoring? Learn how to use the amazing data digital resources generate for these administrative tasks—and more. Digital media takes informative snapshots every, day, month, and year. Match it with data from state tests. Use data to increase achievement, steer in-house professional development, and increase differentiated instruction. Learn how to maximize classroom resources and craft strategies for elevating the instructional plan using powerful tools at your fingertips. Media library data will be the model.

Building a Better Builder

If you use technology with students, and you have Discovery Education streaming, there is a level you haven’t explored. Matt Monjan, the acknowledged Master of the Builders (Assignment, Quiz, and Writing Prompt Builder), will show you ways to use the Web, video, the computer, and your own imagination to take curriculum assessments to the next technology level.Master the tools your school provides with the master builder! If you don’t have DE streaming, leave with a passcode that will let you explore a new realm of instruction.

Making Digital Movies in a Web 2.0 World - Discovery Education

During this session we'll look at the writing and the tools and skills of 21st century learners to share compelling narratives and information in a variety of formats. Using free movie editing software we'll Integrate images, narration, and sound to build authentic stories.
We’ll then explore Web 2.0 applications like animoto, voicethread and more and find out how they can be used to create movies as well as deliver information in a way that our digital natives are accustomed. By the end of this session you'll leave with an understanding of how to blend curriculum objectives with first person experience. From personal stories to commercials and movie trailers, we'll examine how we can let your students' voices be heard! Come see and learn media creation in a whole new way.